Self-Care Stations

Herbal medicine is truly a medicine by the people and for the people.  Over the years Herbalista has created “self-care stations” for different communities with that in mind!

These mini-health stations (set up at community centers, occupations, and the like) empower their users by offering folks a chance to care for themselves with herbs and vitamins.

We place informational signs with each station or kit so folks can get some basic guidance as they choose their remedies.

Typically the remedies stocked in the kits fall under these headings – Digestive Support, Immune Support, and Stress Support (Relaxation).  We would list several common herbs and remedies under each.  While you won’t always find every remedy listed, we strive to have at least a few things from each section available at all times.

The items you choose to include in a Self-Care Station should reflect the community you serve and a materia medica that is recognizable and easily accessible (such as items you might easily find in a local grocery store) and safe with limited contraindications!

You also want the items to be easy to use (prebagged tea instead of loose for example) and packaged in a way that keeps remedies clean.  We often use hand pumps on large bottles or package remedies in individually sized bottles and tubes.

Here are some shots of a few of the self-care stations (a.k.a. apothekini’s) we have created over the years: