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These manuals and handouts have been essential to our work at the Herbalista Health Network. May they be as helpful to you as they have been to us.   If you find this information useful, you might also be interested in our Toolkit, filled with tools to help you launch a community health project in your neck of the woods!


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Herbalista Intensive Class Extra Handouts



The Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic Manual.pdf      Holistic foot care procedures, with appendices on proper hygiene and safety, herbal repertory, herbal medicine making, and patient education. Please use this manual for the benefit of others! This manual was assembled with content from a variety of sources and input of many. Many thanks to Nurse Gudrun Noonan, Nurse Hannah Murphy Buc, Nurse Alice Tudor, Nurse Laura Roehrick for their advise, guidance and friendship. And of course, to all of the wonderful volunteers and coordinators who have helped nurture this clinic over the years.

The Herb Bus Service Manual.pdf   A manual covering some basic logistics (including forms, checklists, and special considerations) for running a mobile herbal medicine clinic. This is lovingly a work in progress and evolves as our work at the Herbalist Free Clinic (aka the Herb Bus) progresses.

SEWHC First Aid Service Manual.pdf  Mini-manual used to facilitate the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference First Aid Clinic each year. Intended to support 1000+ women and children over a 3 day event.

Herb Cart Service Manual.pdf  A manual detailing the Herb Cart Program, a service project of the Herbalista Free Clinic. This mini-mobile clinic rides in a modified shopping cart and is easy to work from. This manual includes basic logistics (including forms, checklists, and special considerations.) Like all of our manuals, it is a work in progress and will be updated as we learn.

GARPacket_2016.pdf   The full information packet for the 2016 Grow a Row Program.


Welcome to the Herb Bus:  https://vimeo.com/195372552/21783e92a2

Looking to start a mobile herbal clinic of your own? Hoping to provide healthcare to those who need it most?

Here’s a link to a free webinar we did for the American Herbalists Guild a couple of years ago where we share some of our strategies for getting herbs in the hands of the people!

Welcome to the Herb Bus


Herbalista Health Fair List Sheets.pdf  The organizational scheduling sheets we use to run the community health fair each month. We use 2-3 volunteers to run the Triage / Welcome Area. They use these sheets to get folks scheduled into appropriate healthcare sessions. There are separate list formats for the different types of practitioners (herbal, body work, and acupuncture) as well as an over-arching volunteer coordination sheet. Coming soon… Herbalista Community Heath Fair Manual 🙂

Herb Cart Log Sheet.pdf   The log in sheets we use at the Herb Cart, as well as at any pop-up first aid clinic.

Herbalista Dispensary Form.pdf   The form we use to track all of the medicaments we dispense on the Herb Bus at any given clinic. This gives us a solid view of each clinic we run, from patients seen, to remedies dispensed. We also refer back to this form before returning to a station, so we can see what remedies we used most and what we “wish” we had so we can return prepared each time.

HERBALISTA FREE CLINIC INTAKE.pdf   The intake form we use for new patients. This form is only 2 pages long and tries to distill down the absolute “MUST ASK” for purposes of safety (i.e. are you pregnant, can you take remedies prepared with alcohol, allergies, current medications, etc.) and also does a review of bodily processes and systems.  There is space for some physical diagnostics (pulse, tongue, etc.) and then a section for give an assessment and then a plan of action.

Follow-up Herb Bus Clinic Form.pdf The intake form for we use for patient follow-ups.  Notice it is mostly blank on the front side in order to allow you the room to take notes as necessary.  There is also a spot to remind you to do a medication review, and make sure there haven’t been any changes in that since your last visit.  There is also an additional section on the second page reminding you to keep track changes of changes in a qualifiable/ quantifiable way (i.e. If their pain was a 8 last time, is it lower or higher when you ask at this visit.  If they said they woke an average of 4 times a night to pee, how many times do they say they wake to pee now, after using the tonic.  Etc.)



Antiinflamatory Handout.pdf   Handout covering basic principles of reducing inflammation through healthy eating habits and choices. Includes ingredient suggestions and places to write down ideas.

Herbalista Yeast Re-leaf.pdf   Handout with our 3 pronged approach to caring for fungal (yeast) infections. Includes additional protocols for vaginal, sinus, and foot/nail infections.

Herbalista Winter Soup/ Stock.pdf   This handout gives basic instructions to prepare a deeply nourishing and immune enhancing soup stock to help you stay healthy all winter long.

Pre and Post Operative Support.pdf   This handout offers suggestions to support your body through surgery.

Taking your Herbs.pdf   Handout with easy instructions on how to take your teas, tinctures, and powders. Includes a basic bliss ball recipe.

HERBAL FOOT CARE.pdf   1 page handout with recipes for herbal foot care products and soaks. Includes a mini Herbal Repertory. For more detailed information, see the Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic Manual above.


Grow A Row Information Packet This includes a overall description of the program, our wish list of 33 herbs, tons of growing tips, seed and plant resources, and other information pertaining to Herbalista’s Grow A Row Program.

Grow A Row Participant Pledge This is our contract we use with growers where they may pledge to try to grow and harvest particular herbs for the clinics and also share information with our budding herb-growing community.

Grow A Row Materia Medica Here you can find a list of our 33 herbs on our wish list with information about the medicinal properties, uses, indications, and preparations for each.  Please check back and take a look at these documents frequently! We are always adding new information as this program evolves and herb-growing knowledge is gleaned by our growers.

Growing & Harvest Records Growers: Please use this document to take records of your growing and harvesting processes and submit a copy to Herbalista with your donated herb. This helps us with quality control, but more importantly, this is a ready-made way for you to share your learning experience with us and the herb-growing community. If there’s something you think we should add to this template, let us know!


HERBALISTA First Aid.pdf   Handout covering basic first aid principles and a mini first aid Repertory.

HERBALISTA First Aid Station Handout.pdf   Handout covering First Aid Resources and Basic Considerations


“Official” Herbal Endings.pdf   Tired of wondering if I added an -e or -is at the end of those “official” botanical names, I put together this little sheet to try and see the pattern. Muy helpful to my botanically baffled brain.

HERBALISTA Wish List.pdf   The apothecary wish list for the Herbalista Free Clinic. Updated regularly.

Herbal Foot Care for Hardworking Feet  A pdf of the powerpoint presentation I recently gave both at the Blue Ridge School and at the Radical Herbalism Gathering.  Lots of toe jammy photos (view discretion is advised), suggested care strategies, kit packing lists, and clinic considerations.


BLANK Herbalista Materia Medica.pdf