Calls to Action



Support the defenders at the Camp of the Sacred Stones who are resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Winter is here and with subfreezing temperatures and high winds, they need our assistance now more than ever. To read more about the situation at Standing Rock, please check out Herbalista’s most recent newsletter.  Mni wiconi (Water is Life)!  

On November 14th, the Herb Bus traveled to North Dakota to provide medical and logistical support to the protest camp at Standing Rock.  The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is courageously protecting both the water and their rights as a sovereign nation.  Thanks to everyone who contributed supplies and funds!


  • Create POLITICAL PRESSURE -Sending supplies to support our water protectors are important, but let’s all become water protectors by taking direct action right where we stand! This is the ultimate way to make change!
    • Make phone calls to the politicians, demanding they serve the people and not big oil!
      • National Guard 701-333-2000
        North Dakota governor’ office 701-328-2200
        Army Corp of Engineers 202-761-8700
        Amnesty International 212-807-8400
        White House 202-456-1111
    • Visit or call your local Army Corp of Engineers Office!
      • Atlanta is home to one of the 8 headquarters for the Army Corp of Engineers (
        U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – South Atlantic Division
        600 Forsyth St. SW
        Atlanta, GA 30303-8801
        (404) 562-5011 
  • Create ECONOMIC PRESSURE – Divest from the banks supporting this pipeline! If you are unable to divest (difficult to remove a mortgage or other loan) contact them to let them know you do not approve of your money being used to fund this project. Here is an article by YES! Magazine with a list of contact numbers and talking points.
  • Donate FUNDS – the outpouring of support in the form of supplies has been incredible!  The camps have received so many needed goods and supplies (medical, clothing, etc.) that they are now having to rent storage facilities to sort the boxes in.  At this point, what is more needed is actual funds so they can buy the emergency equipment they need on the fly.
    • Please take the money you would have used on postage or purchasing items and instead direct it towards them in cash.  There are very responsible folks handling the funds and we recommend directing cash donations to the Standing Rock Medic and Healer Council.  This fund is being stewarded by the Florida School for Holistic Living, a 501(c)3, and your donations are tax deductible.


Herbal Action Network

The Herbal Action Network connects herbalists around the country in support of social and environmental justice.

The Network was launched this past summer by the Florida School of Holistic Living to formalize a network of herbalists and ensure that calls for support were more efficient and effective.  They also share educational resources and organizing tools among the herbal community.



Our world is experiencing a crises of displaced persons unlike we have ever known.   People driven from their homes by war and persecution are then finding their way blocked by closed borders.  In Calais, France over 6,000 refugees lived in a shanty town of tarps and scrap metal known as “the Jungle”.  These refugees are from all over— not only from Syria, but from the Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, and Pakistan.  The recent clearing of the camp, by way of demolition and fire, resulted in missing children and deepens the crises.

Thanks to your support, Herbalista traveled to Calais during the summer of 2016 to provide foot care to refugees at the first aid station in the ” Jungle” refugee camp along with other herbalists, doctors, nurses, and emergency workers.  A collective of Herbalists in the UK and Ireland have begun organizing refugee medical support, both for displaced persons in refugee camps in France and also for migrants who have relocated to the UK.  Click here to learn more about Herbalists Without Borders in the UK and to get involved in their efforts.