Herb Clinic

of East Atlanta


Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, & Friday’s
10am – 6pm by appointment

Sliding Scale Services, see fee schedule below.
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contact:  Lorna@Herbalista.org

Please note: Lorna will be working and studying in Europe from May 22nd until September 12th and is not accepting new clients until her return.  If you are an existing client, please email her at with any questions or concerns. During her absence, all refills will be handled by Corinne at Herbalista HQ.

_MG_4725-as-Smart-Object-1CORINNE LEE, Herbalista & Yogi (RYT 200)

contact: corinne@herbalista.org

To learn more about Corinne, click here.

Herbal medicine is the oldest and most widely used form of medicine in the world! Effective, affordable, environmentally friendly, with minimal side effects, and tantalizing to all the senses, herbs are a vital part to a healthy present and future!

We are general herbal practitioners and have experience aiding children and adults with a variety of issues. We works WITH the patient and value an open, honest dialogue about your current concerns and health goals. We are not medical doctors and does not prescribe or diagnose.  We value collaborative care and believe that we can achieve our most vital health through cooperation between conventional and traditional medical methods. 

After a thorough intake, including medical history, current lifestyle review, and pulse and tongue analysis, we will create a plan consisting of suggestions for healthy daily routines and recommendations for herbal therapies. Custom formulas can be compounded in house from our full dispensary.  

Initial consultations last around 2 hours

Follow-up Appointments can last up to 1 hour.

Sliding Scale

Give as you are able, and receive what you need!

Initial Appointment $25 – $150
Follow-up Appointment $10 – $75
**Please note, these prices do not include herbs.**

Suggested Fee Schedule
High Waged
Initial consult — Adults $150 / Children $50
Follow-up consults — Adults $75 / Children $30

Middle Waged
Initial consult — Adults $100 / Children $40
Follow-up consults — Adults $50 / Children $20

Low Waged
Initial consult — Adults $40 / Children $10
Follow-up consults — Adults $25 / Children $5

No Wage
Initial consult — Adults $25 / Children $0
Follow-up consults — Adults $10 / Children $0

Cancellation Policy
If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment,
please notify the office with at least 24 hours advance notice.