Herbalista Health Network

The Herbalista Health Network recognizes healthcare as a fundamental human right and works to protect health access through clinical services and educational opportunities.  We strive for a community based model of healthCARE that is based on solidarity and not charity.

Our web of programming is built to spread the knowledge, keep costs down, and give us all opportunities to share the love we have for our neighbors and planet.  We hope you will join us as we Build Community through Herbalism!



About the Herbalista Free Clinic…

The Herbalista Free Clinic started serving Atlanta in February of 2013 out of a 1990 VW Westfalia, aka the Herb Bus, with a focus to provide consistent health care to underserved communities.  We set up monthly stops at both the Open Door Community and what was formerly the Big House, now 368 Ponce.  We provided free clinical care, a spot of tea, and herbal education.


Over the years we added programing and services to respond to both the needs of the communities and the desire for more opportunities for folks to lend a hand.  And while Herbalista focuses on serving the homeless and other vulnerable populations, we recognize that under the current structure of healthcare in the U.S., we are all underserved. So long as our medical and governmental structure prioritizes pharmaceutical medicine and surgical intervention, the people are being denied their right to health. Herb and food based tonic therapy have been a necessary part of our evolution and survival as a species.  Access to health care is a human right and our mission is to defend this basic right by nurturing the health of the people who live across this broad and beautiful land.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 8.00.20 PMWe are herbalists, not licensed medical doctors, and do not diagnose or prescribe. We work WITH our visitors and value an open, honest dialogue about their current concerns and health goals.  We do our best to help them achieve those goals.

In an effort to increase the number of clinics making similar offerings, we offer education around the country,  teaching the Herbalista method to nurture and support the dreams of other herbalists to serve in their local communities.  We have written and freely published numerous manuals on our work, in hopes of spreading the health .  These manuals include details on our practices and protocols, including example forms, supply lists, and more.  And now we also have our Herbalista Toolkit, a membership program that provides customizable tools to help others start similar community efforts in their neck of the woods.

While this project is a most certainly a labor of love, community support is vital to making our work a sustainable endeavor. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project herbally, inspirationally, creatively, organizationally, economically, logistically, and all the rest of it too!!

We thank our fiscal sponsor MPowerNow.  All donations to the Herbalista Free Clinic are tax deductible.  If you are interested in supporting the bus, please click here.

Viva la Herb Bus!