Lorna Mauney-Brodek [Atlanta & Dublin]

Lorna is a traveling herbalist, medicine maker, wildcrafter and teacher.  Much of her herb work supports organizations dedicated to promoting diversity, environmental responsibility, and social justice for which she received the American Herbalists Guild Community Service Award in 2013.  She completed an herbal residency with Michael Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine and clinical studies at both the Blue Ridge School for Herbal Studies and BotanoLogos. In addition to facilitating the Herbalista Health Network, she offers a sliding scale herbal clinic in East Atlanta, leads the Harriet Tubman Free Foot Clinic serving our friends on the street.  Lorna believes that in order to preserve our access to herbs we have to make them part of our everyday lives, from our kitchens to our medicine cabinets.

Corinne Lee [Atlanta]

Corinne is a community herbalist, medicine maker, teacher and yogi. Her formal herbal training started in 2010 at The Botanologos School of Herbal Studies. She continued her botanical studies in wild food foraging, organic farming and eco-homesteading as an apprentice of Natalie Bogwalker at the Wild Abundance School of Permaculture. She has volunteered in herbal first aid stations at the South East Women’s Herbal Conference, the Firefly Gathering and the Florida Earth Skills Gathering. In 2014, she served on the American Herbalist Guild’s Diversity Committee, whose primary goal is to improve accessibility and awareness of herbal medicine to a wider audience. She currently is in advanced training in adaptive and therapeutic yoga and mind body awareness with a concentration on spinal injuries and PTSD.


Duane Marcus [Atlanta]

Duane is a suburban micro-farmer, permaculture practitioner, teacher, herbalist and all-around gift to the Atlanta area.  He teaches classes at his permaculture homestead, The Funny Farm, on the edge of town.  He has been an incredible supporter of Herbalista since its inception and co-created the Grow a Row project, which brings more affordable medicinals to our clinics while supporting the growth of our local agricultural community.  He also crews the Herb Cart and teaches at the Herbalista Health Fair.  

Maggie O’Keeffe [Dublin]

Maggie O’Keeffe is a professional clinical herbalist offering an integrated approach to wellness, treating chronic and acute conditions using herbalism and where appropriate, complementary therapies including reflexology, massage, lifestyle guidance and nutritional advice.  She has been involved with Dublin Central Housing Action since 2015, offering  and support team  During the Home Sweet Home campaign, Maggie worked in Outreach and assisted the coordination of the Wellness program.  Maggie is a founding member of the Dublin Herb Bike.

Anna Drews [Dublin]

Anna is a licensed massage therapist who is currently completing her clinical herbal studies with Colaiste Luibheanna, a cooperative herbal school based in Cork.  Anna believes in empowering people to find their own definition of health and healing and holds space for each person to explore what their body and spirit need at that moment.  She was a member of the wellness team during the Apollo House Occupation and in 2016 she traveled to Calais, offering massage at the Women’s Center in “the Jungle” refugee camp.  Anna is a founding member of the Dublin Herb Bike.