Now accepting applications for apprenticeship for Fall 2017

Application Deadline – August 15th

This apprenticeship is a blend of educational opportunity and great responsibility. We are a small operation, and joining our crew will allow you to observe and participate in the nuts ‘n bolts of grassroots community healthcare! 

IMG_8749As a majority of this apprenticeship revolves around our free clinic projects, we are looking to share this opportunity with applicants who hold a similar philosophy and wish to help us serve the Atlanta community.  

Though the Herbalista Health Network provides services across the country and even across the pond, we are hubbed in the Atlanta area. The Atlanta Herbalista HQ manages the mother apotheke, keeps the mobile kits stocked, and facilitates all of our local programming such as the Herb Cart, the Herb Bus, the Grow a Row Program, the Herbalista Community Health Fair, and the Harriet Tubman Foot Care Clinic.

The main apprentice days of work are Monday afternoons, when we work the Harriet Tubman Foot Clinic, and Wednesday’s for the other Herbalista programming.  There can also be other events scattered throughout the year, such as Pay-It-Forward Medicine Making Workshops, that will require assistance.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Providing free community healthcare is not an easy task!  The hours we spend in actual clinic are minor in comparison to all of the behind the scenes work we must do to keep a project like this going!  There is bottle washing.  There is schlepping.  There is paperwork.  There is medicine making.  There is kit maintenance.  There is organizing… and reorganizing.  Apprentices are expected to roll up their sleeves and do their best!   

Due to the large amount of responsibility our apprentices manage, a strong working knowledge of herbal medicine is required.  You must have a foundation in medicine making, materia medica, and western medical herbalism.  A familiarity with TCM and/or Ayurved is also helpful.


This apprenticeship requires a 1 year commitment. There is no tuition fee for this program. We have between 2 and 3 apprentices at any one time.  Most apprentices join the crew after becoming involved in other aspects of our health network, either volunteering for our Herbalista Community Health Fair, the Harriet Tubman Foot Care Clinic, or joining the Herb Cart Program.

If you have passion for supporting and serving your neighbors (both people and plants), if you have a basic knowledge of herbal medicine, if you can dedicate 2 days a week to our mission, and you are ready to make a commitment to our crew, please complete the application form from the link below, and return via email to

Thank you for your commitment to building a more vital and verdant community through herbalism. Viva la Herb Bus!

~Lorna Mauney-Brodek, Herbalista

Herbalista Apprenticeship Application.docx